Healing Mother Hunger

“The loss of the mother to the daughter, the daughter to the mother, is the essential female tragedy.”

Adrienne Rich, from Of Woman Born

What is Mother Hunger?

Mother hunger is the deep yearning that comes with missing out on essential maternal experiences of sufficient nurturance, protection and guidance.

Mother Hunger Groups

Learn more about Mother Hunger in the company of other women suffering from the same wound. Learn more about Healing the Mother Wound .

Healing Mother Hunger

Healing begins when learning. It also often requires long-term therapy with a caring, attachment-focused therapist to begin the healing journey.

Mother Hunger is the work of Kelly McDaniel, who recognized that women often suffer from a deep injury she named Mother Hunger. Her work has allowed women to begin to process the deep shame and often intolerable pain that comes along with this type of injury. In naming Mother Hunger, Kelly has given words to the often untalked-about pain that results for women who have mothers who are unable to provide necessary nurturance, guidance and protection to their little ones. What Kelly makes clear is this work is not about blaming mothers. Mothering and the significance of this role have been diminished and attacked in the patriarchal society we have all grown up in. Mothers do their best, even when it often is significantly short of what is needed. Healing from Mother Hunger involves first learning what that means, and acknowledging it.

These women grow up, often suffering from addiction (to love, to work, to drugs and alcohol, to beauty), difficulty in relationships, food sensitivities and eating disorders, auto-immune disorders and sleeping problems. These are also the women who find themselves feeling unfulfilled in work, a general sense of depression or aloneness, no matter how many people are around.

Learning about Mother Hunger begins the journey to healing Mother Hunger. The next group begins January 10th, 2023. Come learn in a group of women like you and begin your healing journey. These groups will be limited to 10 women to maintain a close and intimate experience.