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Attachment and Love

By Kathleen O’Reilly Humans need attachment and love. We crave to be connected to others and to be loved. This basic human need for togetherness is felt more deeply than ever in our isolated and lonely society. Our shifting society has emphasized online interaction, more people live alone or lose close relationships as we leave…

addiction feels unmanageable
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Addiction and the ‘disease’ of loneliness

“I am constantly filled with a lurking loneliness, a yearning, clinging to the notion that something outside of me will fix me. But I had had all that the outside had to offer!” Matthew Perry, from Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing Matthew Perry (or affectionately, Chandler from Friends to us) described it best…

mother hunger by kelly mcdaniel
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Mother Hunger

A woman stands at the fridge, staring into its depths. It’s late at night, and she can’t sleep. She isn’t hungry, not really. Instead, she feels kind of empty, and deeply tired. Perhaps she also feels a bit sad, but can’t figure out why. She closes the fridge and listlessly wanders over to the cupboard….

face the void and refill it with joy

Facing the Void

Facing the Void: Healing in Therapy Moving through the Healing Spiral Healing in therapy can sometimes feel like a never-ending process. For those of us who have been on a healing journey for a while, it can seem like “when does this end? When do I get to be finished and be healed?” I often…